Although Real Estate is often times a component that falls under the transition process, there are also times where real estate services are not needed but relocation services are needed.  Turning Point has created a variety of relocation services at affordable rates so that we can help with ANY aspect of a move or transition.

Many people are interested to know exactly what is included in the consulting packages and what the pricing structure is. Please note that each situation is different and unique! That’s why Turning Point offers a free consultation to give Alicia a better idea as to how she can serve you and your family and give you the fees associated with those services!


Assisted Living/Senior Living Options: $350

What’s included:

  • Personal Tour of up to 3 facilities within the Billings area.
  • Alicia accompanies senior and/or families for support, assistance in questions and overall navigation of conversations.
  • Transportation is included.
  • A 60 minute overview and discussion is included at the end of the 3 tours.

VA Benefits: $150

What’s included:

  • Direction, Assistance in gathering documents, explanation of requirements needed to qualify, and direct resources to the VA professionals who can help you. Full
  • Disclosure: Families can apply for VA benefits through the local VA Center or online at no cost.

Financial Assessment: $150

Overview of current finances and price averages to expect in individual situation. Calculated &
estimated years of self-pay, a basic overview of Medicaid of services, and what fees may be avoided
moving forward. If any financial pension or programs are available that fit the situation, these will
also be available.

The “Elite” Package: $1000

From Start to finish, you want an advocate and supporter through it all. From Touring facilities to assistance in selecting one, negotiating, setting up moving companies, setting up estate sale services, overseeing the move, helping with VA Benefits, and a full financial assessment. This package includes it all.

Do you need help with a particular situation but don’t see a pricing package that it would fall under? Don’t worry! We have hourly rates available to assist as much or as little as needed. Call Turning Point today for a free consultation!